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Is it possible someone put something in my drink?


I went out with my friend and we had 2 beers, 4 shots and 2 drinks mixed with vodka. I was feeling normal, not drunk in the end. When i got up and i went in the bathroom i came back and started feeling dizzy. I fainted and i was throwing up all night i was so sick.

Is it possible someone put something in my drink? Like drugs or ash? How could it be possible that i was ok all the time and the last moment i passed out? How does an ash makes you feel? Please let me know. Thanks!


Hi, it is difficult for me to say if someone put something in your drink. It is possible that someone could have put some other drug or substance into your drink. Many drugs used in drink spiking are colourless, odourless and tasteless. Saying this however, it is important to note that most drink spikings use alcohol. That is, the drink is ‘spiked' with alcohol.

You said that you remember having at least eight drinks. It may have been that each beer was about two ‘standard drinks' (containing 10mg of alcohol) and the shots may have been one or more standard drinks. I will presume the vodkas were one standard drink each. So you may have had something like 10 standard drinks, which will take your body approximately 10 hours to consume and excrete.

Alcohol can also affect you differently depending on how much you have had to eat, how tired or run down you are, and what your body shape is like. You didn't mention over how long you had these drinks. If you had them all in a short period of time and then got up it is possible that the dizziness, fainting and throwing up was all due to the alcohol.

As for how does an ash make you feel, I'm not sure if you mean ash from a cigarette or something else...?

It sounds as though it was a pretty scary experience for you and not something you were at all expecting from the amount of alcohol that you drank. It may have been that you were experiencing some of the effects of alcohol, or it could have been that someone put something in your drink. If you continue to feel unwell, it may be a good idea to visit your doctor, however most ‘drink spiking' substances need to be tested for within 48 hours. When you are out at a party or a club or pub it is always a good idea to hold onto your drink—don't let anyone ‘top you up' (otherwise it's hard to keep count of your drinks) and never leave your drink unattended.

Take care.

Last modified: 29th April 2010
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