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Why am i horny when i wake up in the morning?


Why am i horny when i wake up in the morning? And why do i orgasm faster when using a toothbrush or vibrator but not when i use my own hand? Thanks!


Hi and thanks for your questions.

You may feel horny in the morning because your body and mind are relaxed when you wake up. Getting turned on in your sleep is pretty common, and sometimes having a full bladder might send signals to your sleeping brain from that area that makes it think sexy thoughts while you're sleeping.

Honestly I'm not sure if there's an exact answer to your first question, but it doesn't really matter. Being horny at different times of the day is common. There's no right or wrong time to feel horny!

Many girls masturbate regularly as a healthy part of their lives. During masturbation, people can explore their bodies, which can help them find out what they like and what feels good to them.

Every person's body responds differently to various kinds of sex play. A clitoris can be stimulated orally, manually, or with a sex toy such as a vibrator. You might find that you have different preferences for how like being stimulated. Using a vibrator will give you a higher intensity of stimulation, which can cause quicker orgasms. This may or may not be a good thing. Some people prefer to take longer to get there; others need a vibrator to get them there at all. Again, these variations are all normal!

Hope this helps!

Last modified: 4th June 2014
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