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What is this white stuff? It looks like toilet paper that's been wet.


What is this white stuff?

For a while maybe 6 months, every time i masturbate like i pull my fingers out and this white stuff gets on my fingers. It looks like toilet paper that's been wet up n it crumbled n torn or whatever, u know what wet toilet paper does. I had sex like 6 days ago without a condom (sadly) and i saw that white stuff all on his penis. I don't kno if i have something and this is causing it to look dis way n come out, cause i've never had this problem.

I just got back from the doctor a few hours ago n forgot to let her know about this white stuff. When i went into the bathroom at home n stuck my finger in there, there was even more white stuff. Idk if it's from the pap smear i just had but i'm worried that i might have something, n i'm so impatient about waiting on the doctor's response. Could this possibly b that i have something, because i kno it's not from toilet paper but it could be?

But it's like all in my vagina that's y i think it's something else. Please can you help? Sry for talking so much, just wanted you to understand.


Hi there and thanks for your question. Don't apologise for saying a lot, its helpful to have the detail you have given.

It sounds like you may possibly have thrush. Thrush is also called candida or monilia. It is a common vaginal/vulval infection caused by a fungal organism. It is not a sexually transmissible infection (STI). It is important to see a doctor to have the diagnosis confirmed with a swab rather than try and treat yourself, just in case it isn't thrush. There are some other vaginal infections that can seem a bit like thrush.

A certain amount of white discharge is normal but it is not usually like you are describing it in your question. It is usually more liquidy. So, the best thing is to book back in to see the doctor and have a swab done. Because you had unprotected sex it would also be a really good idea to have a test for STIs because as you probably know there are some, like Chlamydia, that are very easy to catch but can have no symptoms and can cause damage and infertility if they are left untreated.

In the meantime it is a good idea to start looking after your vulva and vagina really well by not using any soap, washes, body washes etc. when washing. Use water only. Also, don't use so called "feminine sprays" or scented pads. All these things can upset the natural environment of the vulva/vagina and make infections such as thrush more likely.

All the best and take care.

Last modified: 11th March 2010
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