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Can i use a carrot as an anal dildo?

Can i use a carrot as an anal dildo, or is it unhealthy?

Hi there. Thanks for your question.

It's not unhealthy in itself to use a carrot as an anal dildo but it's a bit risky because a piece can break off fairly easily. This can leave you with the problem of something being left in your rectum, which may mean you would need to see a doctor to have it removed. The same goes for anything used as a dildo that could break off.

It's safer to use something that won't do this. The best thing to use is a soft dildo. They won't break and they have a soft rubber covering that protects the rectum from any damage that can be caused by something rigid. Dildos can be difficult to get hold of though if you are under 18.

Take care.

Last modified: 4th November 2011
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