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I saw a milky-white thick substance. But I'm not having any symptoms. I don't know what it is!


Alright. So about a week ago I had a yeast infection, so I went to the doctor and got some pills for it to make it go away. I took it and felt better afterwards.

But today I masturbated. Later on I touched my vagina and I felt this creamy stuff. So I looked at my hand and saw a milky-white thick substance (what it looks like when you have a yeast infection). But I'm not having any symptoms. Uhm, I'm also having sex with my boyfriend. I'm on birth control. I don't know what it is! Help?!


Hi there, what you have seen sounds like a normal variation of vaginal discharge. Normal vaginal discharge varies a lot in quantity and consistency, but basically if you don't have symptoms, don't worry about it.

Sometimes there's yeast in the vagina and it doesn't cause symptoms. If this is the case, there's no need to treat it. Sometimes a yeast infection comes back after treatment. If that's what is causing your discharge, you may well develop symptoms and need to take another treatment.

I suggest just watch and wait and if you feel fine, without any itch or soreness, don't worry. Vaginal discharge can be very thick and white. If it's a yeast infection (thrush), it might have fine lumps in it.

If you're still worried by it, see a doctor for a test to check out what it is. I also recommend you get a chlamydia test if you haven't had one—not because it would be the cause of your discharge, but because you're sexually active.

You can read a bit more about vaginal discharge in the fact sheet below. All the best.

Last modified: 3rd September 2013
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