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I know that a girl has 3 holes down there. I've been trying to insert tampons and i have had no success.


Hey, well i've always been kind of confused about something. Ok, so i know that a girl has 3 holes down there. I've been trying to insert tampons and i have had no success. So ok, there is the pee hole at the top of this round thing. And then i was wondering if your vagina is on that little round thing down there or if it's directly behind it. I'm sorry if this is hard to understand but i'm having a hard time explaining it. Anyway, any help at all would be great. Thanks.


Hi there, thanks for your question. A lot of girls get a bit confused when they first try to work out which bits are which down there! You can get more of an idea about female genitals from the diagram on this page.

As the diagram shows, at the top is the clitoris (a small, round bump). A bit lower down is the small urethral opening (pee hole), which is not always easy to see. A bit lower down again is the opening of the vagina. The opening of the vagina is about the size of a fingertip. When you have some privacy you could use a small mirror to take a look at these different parts and become more familiar with your body.

As for inserting tampons, try the instructions in the box. They usually have useful diagrams showing how to put a tampon in. You could also try this page on using tampons from the Center for Young Women's Health. Using tampons can take a bit a practice, so be patient with yourself and have another go.

Hope this helps! All the best.

Last modified: 4th March 2014
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