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When a guy cums inside you where does the cum go and does it come back out of your vagina?


When a guy cums inside you where does the cum go and does it come back out of your vagina?

When my partner cums inside me I have to wear a panty liner because if I don't my undies will get all wet and it smells like cum a bit.

Also, do I have some kind of infection if I'm always getting marks on my undies, whether it be yellowish or white stuff coming out of my vagina, and it dries up and leave marks as if I cummed in my undies?


Hi there and thanks for your question.

When a guy cums or ejaculates when you're having vaginal sex, it usually goes into your vagina. Some of it also travels up your vagina and into the uterus.

It also comes back out, which is what you've noticed when you don't wear a panty liner. This will usually happen once you sit down or stand up after having sex. Because of this, some women like to go to the toilet straight after having sex, or even have a shower.

One way to avoid having your partner's cum (semen) leak out of you is to use condoms. You may still experience some discharge from your own sexual secretions but it will be heaps less. Condoms also give you the best protection against sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy.

Many women get a discharge (white stuff in their undies) as a part of their normal menstrual cycle. It's important that you become familiar with your own discharge because if you notice a change in smell or colour it may be a sign that you have an infection. For example, a common infection called thrush can cause a thick, lumpy discharge. It can be easily treated with an over-the-counter medication (usually a cream).

If you are having unprotected sex (sex without a condom) it's a good idea to have a sexual health check up. This can be done by a doctor, a sexual health clinic, youth health clinic or some women's health or family planning clinics. Have a look in the services directory (link below) to find one near you.

All the best.

Last modified: 5th March 2012
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