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My first and my everything

He was the guy that i always liked, the guy i always stalked after school and the guy that i saw as my ultimate crush.

It all started when my best friend gave him my number. Things went so perfect as it went towards our 4th month. Everywhere we went, we were labelled the "cutest couple".

One night he asked me if he could accompany his mate on a road trip down the line with 2 other girls. I was cool about it because i trusted him and i loved him dearly. I told him to go enjoy himself and have a blast. He refused because he said something might happen! I didn't listen to him---i just thought he was so cute wanting to stay back for me.

I ended up making him go and when he returned, things just went downhill. He hardly textd me nor called. He didn't wanna see me when i asked him if we can meet up. He was always drunk and he always started crying on the ph. I wasn't aware of the signs. That's how much i trusted him. The only thing running in my head was 'oh poor thing, he's probably got family problems'.

Then finally after 4 days, he textd. I've still got it glued in my mind as if it was a minute ago. He textd exactly this: "im sorry, i hooked up with this chick okay". Once i read the text, i dropped my phone and started bawling my eyes out... I was so in love with this guy, did everything in my will to make him happy, spend time with him, buy him things and not only that, go against my family to see a guy that i wasn't allowed to see. I felt so betrayed and humiliated. You fall for the smallest things a guy will ever do for you, especially one that you always liked.

It was so hard, i couldn't handle it. I locked myself in my room and i used the excuse that i was sick so i could stay in my room and just cry! I didn't go to school that week cause i couldn't face my friends. And once i had the guts to go to school i went straight to my school counsellor for help. I felt like a fool. I was used by someone i liked so so much.

I was thinking the worst about what others thought but it was the total opposite. My friends supported me and they were amazing. It was hard enough that i saw that he went to that girl he played on me with. And they actually went out. I saw photos of them together and how happy he looked really stabbed me right in my heart. He broke my heart and the next day he went after that chick. I still loved him and i was shattered to hear that he moved on that fast!

He ended up running back to me and he begged me to be his gf again. I felt as though this may be a sign since i didn't notice the previous ones but i ended up falling to it and now it's my biggest regret. It's been 8 months now since he got back and i'm not feeling him anymore. I've been through a lot with this guy because again i tried to make things work! My family hates him as well as my friends. That is the last thing i ever want and i can't picture myself with him because he's in debt of 5 grand.

Life really sucks right now and i hope i can find a solution to solve this! I want to end things with him but he gets all depressed and suicidal on me. Lesson i've learnt in relationships: DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY UNTIL YOU KNOW THE GUY REALLY WELL. LET TIME SPEAK FOR ITSSELF. AND IF THE GUY PLAYS ON YOU, DON'T GO BACK TO HIM BECAUSE THIS SAYING IS TRUE: "ONCE A PLAYER, ALWAYS A PLAYER".

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Wow your story is really true. Thanks for posting this. Just wanted to say to say this to you: don't give up on love and just move on. I hope that you will find your perfect match in life. Good luck!
i hope youre alright ay. its true they always play around. i hate boys like that but im hoping youre okay and got over it.

Omg im so sorry to hear! A similar situation like this happened to me once, and i got over it after about a year and a half.

Dont ever go back to him, otherwise everything will get worse for you. he had no right to do that to you! I have been used so many times so im over guys altogether! :(

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