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Having sex for the first time but not knowing what they feel about you!

Hey i'm 16 and a girl and i was at a party with 2 of ma friends. We bought drinks and were havin a laugh with everyone. Ma friends went off with their boyfriends. I didn't mind because i was with a boy who sed he liked me and was up for some fun. I was on my 6th drink and stated to feel wasted but i kept goin.

I was with the boy and we started to kiss on the seat. He then fingered me and said do you want to go over there. (We were out near the fire.) He took me behind the shed and got me on the floor. We kept kissing he took my undies off and kept fingering me. I was fine with it and everything. We had sex. He stayed with me all night and got his dad to take me and ma friends back home. In the mornin my friends looked at ma dress. It was covered in blood but i had it going down my bk. It was from ma back rubbing against the floor. Now i have scabs going all up ma back. Ma friends helped me clean it up.

It's been 1 week now and i've onli spoken to him 2 times. Mum and dad don't now about it! Now i reali like him but am too scared to ask him what he feels about me! I don't know what to do. Anyone got anything to help me?

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Those scabs were probably from doing it on twigs and stuff, or concrete. you should do something, before he deems you a lost cause, and goes off with another girl. I suggest sending a text. it is much easier then talking to him face to face. but it might be better to talk face to face.
talk 2 the guy - he's probably feeling the same way u r...soon ull b accused of bein a slut because of just having it one time only. dont b shy nd talk 2 him nd remember u did av sex with him.
my GOD! U R only 16. dont u tink u r too young to have sex? and u had it at a party? U should be more respectful of urself.
I think it was an ok thing to do, its not like you did it cause ur a slut or annything, plus ur 16 u can do what u want =]
A few questions: did he have a disease?
Do u think he was just using you?
Would u do it again?
Do u love him?
If you answer these questions truthfully you may find an answer

Hey sweetheart i'm 16 as well and I lost my virginity at 15. I really can't blame it on the boy because I was young and just wanted to try it, and hey he was there. He was a friend of my cousin's boyfriend, I had sex with him the first day I met him because I thought it was cool. He really didn't pressure me although he was 21. The signs came immediately though. He stopped calling & coming to see me and I knew that was the end.

I'm glad I had that experience because i'm smarter now. I now have a boyfriend which I have been with for 8 months and we are deeply in love. We have had sex 6 times. I love him soo much and that first experience taught me maybe not 2 give it up so easy and use protection. I only had unprotected sex with my boyfriend once and thought I was pregnant and that scared me so much and taught me my second lesson. Good luck girl, I say dnt throw urself on 2 him. If he likes u as u like him then he will come around.

i agree with the 5th comment, the answer isnt with social workers and counsellors or w/e its in urself. u just have to find it (but the first question is just for ur
you know... i slept with some guys when i was 14, and i slept with some guys when i was 24, and some in between and i didn't give a flying f*** what they thought of me or what i thought of them. i had a good time (a couple DARN good times) and it was over. of course, most of those people i never saw again. but hey!- if you're in the same town as this dude, and you're bound to see him again at some point - why not call/text/email him to tell him you had fun and does he have any plans this upcoming weekend? he could be just as worried as you are, or he might be feeling guilty he seduced you. but if he doesn't respond... well move on and find yourself another boy! there are plenty of fish in the sea! i say live for the moment. i started young and indulge often... and i think i turned out pretty okay!! :)
OMG!!! u r only 16 and have already lost ur virginity !!! i wonda what your mother would say if she found out.
loL im 15 an I kinda wanted to try it. I know im WAY to young 4 it but im jus curious. my mom doesn't really talk to mi about sex. I want to try it and my boyfriends not pressuring me, he doesn't really care 4 sex. itz jus me, I jus want to try it.
do you think that what he said that night about him liking you, do you think he was telling the truth? you should come out and tell him the truth about your feelings because whether he feels the same or not you like him
girl ur crazy. u really think he likes u? he probably was using u but thats my opinion.
u can tell ur parents b cuz eventually they will find out and that wasnt a smart thing
add him on Facebook or MySpace and talk to him on something like that, that way it is ezzyer to speak about stuff.
You like him because you lost your virginity to him. Not that I would know :) however I do have friends who were in that situation.

To the poster before me: Hey, that might not be why she likes him ("you like him because you lost your virginity to him") don't know. (Could be partly why, but you don't know.)

Okay, now to the original poster: 16 is probably old enough to decide what you want to do about boys, but you still might want to think about making more careful decisions. There is no age at which having sex with a guy you literally just met (or having sex at a party, for that matter!) would be a particularly great (or even safe) idea. You really don't know if you and he actually like each other, or just like each other's bodies, or what, until you know him longer than just the one night at the one party.

You should be more careful and not have sex with just anybody whom you just met. You could get painful emotional scars that would hurt a lot longer than the scabs on your back. You also could get seriously hurt, get STDs, get raped and/or killed, etc. Be careful, okay?

Now, about the boy...if you can get to talk to him again, maybe you could ask if he wants to meet you at a semi-private but semi-public place like a park or a school or something? (Where you can easily still find places where you can talk fairly privately and kiss if you want to, but where having sex might be less easy/convenient...if you're there in the daytime, anyway.) Anyway, please could you just keep in mind that just because you're old enough to make a lot of your own decisions, that doesn't mean that you need to make not-particularly-safe decisions? Just try to stay safe, okay?

u should seek medical help n c da guy face 2 face. clear all ur doubts.
im 14 & im still a virgin & ur story made me not want to hav sex anytime soon. i wanna thanku bcuz u taught me that things arent always as they seem. thanku & i hope you & him start talking & fix the problems.
well i feel u, i know wat u mean. i am 1 2 but maybe u shld just breathe n talk 2 hym alone
because he stayed with you the night and had the courtesy to have you dropped off at home, it shows he wasn't just using you for sex. ask him out, he seems to really like you :)
i do believe you should confront him but to let him know that although you both had sex you would him to acknowledge that youre not just an easy lay. that you did care for him and depending on his response, i guess youll find out if he was just out for a good time and not a long time relationship. you are young, but have experience behind you. don't be ashamed of that. just get wiser. but i believe you already are!
well i understand how this was an 'in the moment thing' n honestly 16 isnt very young to hav sex these days. But mayb try makin small talk wit the guy or ask a friend 2 ask his opinion of you? (:
dONT worry about what the haters have to say.
i had sex at 16 and now i'm 18 and i'm still with that guy. i love him so much and it's because of the communication that we have lasted this long.
i think u should let him know how youre feeling and be smarter about boys at parties. and you should tell your parents so you can get their feedback

im only 12 but i really get what u are going through. if i was you i would not drink again for a while. talk to him. ask him truthfully if he was just horny or if he did it because he really likes you

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