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Hi, I'm 13 and I masturbate. I feel sick when I do it but I like it. I don't if I should or not and I havent told anybody. It feels like I'm the only 13 yo girl who does it. I used to do it a lot but now I only do it every now and then.

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it is normal. no one ever talks about so how do you know if youre the only one? if you like it do it.
well its quite natural to masturbate. dont feel youre different. ppl just dont talk about it. im quite sure some or most your friends do it as well......xD
don't worry about it. it's natural. it's something you and your friends will joke about openly when you're twice your age. we sure do!
I've heard 60% of girls admit that they do it while the other 40% invariably lie about it!!
trust me, you'll end up finding out that youre FAR from being the only girl your age that does it. and don't think its bad, its not. its really good :)
It's alright! I'm 13 as well and I do. Feels good so keep it up :3
there is more than one way 2 do it :) you can always use an object :D
If you replace your hand with the shower head, you will get more pleasure and less pain.
its natural, it releases endorphines and calms you down and makes you happy!
You shouldn't feel bad. Most girls do it. You're supposed to like it. You don't need to tell anyone who you don't feel comfortable telling--what you do in your private time is your business. Learn to enjoy you personal pleasure center. One day, you'll feel like sharing it with someone else, and you'll be more at ease to tell him (or her) how to touch you if you already know how you like to be touched.
dont worry im 14 now, but i masturbated when i was 13...
I agree shower head is faster and feels better.
yeah its ok. i'm 14 and have been doing it since i was maybe 4 but i didn't know it until i was 12, lolz (but plz don't think i'm a slut, cuz i'm totally not). i don't know if any of my other friends do it too, but all the guys do it so whatever. use an electric toothbrush on your clitoris, works like a vibrator. complete heaven :]
Totally, i agree its ok and wen i was ur age i flt the same way. but its ok and it helps u wen ur stressed or sad. u mite evn feel betr tlkn 2 ur frnd or parents bout it. i tlked 2 my mom and she sed it was completely normal! :)
high five girl
Umm I started to masturbate when I wuz 12 so ur good!! Don't ever regret anything that made you smile!! :)
snap! everything u just sed applies 2 me 2! so ur not alone x
the whole thing sounded like my story and i read all the other comments so we arent alone. none of us.
im 14. i do it a lot. its all good.
its normal. i promise.
I used to think that (and I still sorta do) but we are all healthy, strong, and in this together. It's normal.
i get pillows and lay them on my bed acting like its my boyfriend :) it really turns me on and ive been thinking like you too .. but im cool wid it now after reading theese comments :) tarr everyone!! xxx
welll i get a pillow and hump it or i just rub my cit. haha. i used to tell my friends about it when i was younger cause i started in year 5 and kind of used it as a joke as i didnt really know what i was doing. it feels good so do it :):):)
im 13 too. sometimes i feel ashamed doing it but it feels good...i try to stop but cant.
lol no prob.......we all masturbate hehehe
i do it too and it's perfectly fine.
i do it a lot. it feels so good. somtimes three or four times a day then maybe twice a week. it all depends on my mood. i know my girlfriends do it too. girls are just beter at keeping it to ourselves.
so stop.
lol, when i first started i thought i was a psycho ;P like, i thought i had discovered america cause it felt fine. i always think it depends on what you're thinking. i havent told anybody, but it feels good to know im not a freak ;D
omg i am the same as you !! i felt the same as you. don't worry about it ! its fineee :)
i love it!!!!!
Yeeeaaaaahhhh !!! ... Feels AWESOME ... doesn't it !!?! I'm 15 and I masturbate every day and night. It's completely NORMAL and IT'S HEALTHY. Check out some websites and you'll see what I mean. For all you know, your own mum probably still masturbates. It helps you learn what you LIKE in sex and how you like been touched, and what feels good. My mum walked in on me when I was 10. I was naked on my bed with my legs apart and going AT IT full speed ... lol ... I was almost about to reach orgasm, so I couldn't stop ... LOL. She just said ... "I bet that feels nice. Call me in when you're finished". Afterwards she came back in and we discussed it. I told her I'd been touching myself since I was 4 or 5 ..... (I didn't know What IT WAS at that age: except that IT felt NICE). She told me that I had been doing it since I was about 2 years old, and that she read in a book that even babies do it in the womb.
If you replace your hand with the shower head, you will get more pleasure and less pain. the chick who sed that u r rite.
i masturbate in my anus and it feels better and its not as painful as my vagina so i suggest try it
I dont tell anyone, Im 12 and its normal. I started young not knowing what I was doing. It just felt good. So its okay dont worry. Oh and if you feel ashamed now boys dont, we do it. Its okay dont worry.
I started masturbating as young as 10. I had found my mums vibrating toy (i didnt even know wat it was). it feels soo good. I have to do it when everyones out though else im not relaxed.
I'm a 14 yo girl but I have been masturbating since I was 12. I wanted to try new things, and it feels good. I found out that it also helps relieve stress, lessen cramps and a lot of other things. I've never used any objects except for a pillow, and I almost reached an orgasm. Masturbating is TOTALLY normal, and in the future you can tell your partner how you like to be touched.
im with you all - masturbating is awesome

im a 13 year old girl too and i have been masturbating since i can remember... probably my whole life. i have been walked in on so many times that i think my whole family knows. my mom has always said that she thinks its gross and i better not be doing it but about a year ago i found her own sex toys in her room and i saw a big bottle of lube in my dads truck a few times.

my friend thats a christian said that its a sin to masturbate so ive tried to stop but i just cant. i usually just hump a blanket but a couple months ago my sister moved into the room just under mine so i cant do that anymore cause i think she'll hear my bed squeaking. so ive tried fingering in the last few days and its just not the same.

It is totally normal
im 13 and i do it. the only thing im worried about is that someone (mom) will walk in on me... it feels good yeah but im sort of worried that i do it too much.
I have been doing it fer a while. i dont know y but it helps relieve stress ;)

I'm 13 and I masturbate with my fingers but not the usual way. I've tried the shower head but I don't know how use it.

It's completely normal. I know that at least 1 of my friends does it. I've researched a lot about this stuff and some say masturbation is a sin. So I only do it once in a while when I start feeling horny. It feels so good. I used to watch porn but stopped because it got really gross. So dnt think your all alone because youre not. All I have to say is experiment with your body. Good luck! :)

omg, that's totally fine. I use the shower head constantly. it feels amazing. i just wish i was old enough to buy a sex toy.
Apparently when I was little I would hump my pillow! I still do and masturbating feels great, I love it.
haha see girl. All these people are absolutely right, we all masturbate, but some arent as open as others. Hey i kiss girls and i like it. not afraid to admit but im not gay either lolz.
I'm 14 and I do it. I'm kind of worrying about it, because it doesn't seem normal.
it is EXTREMELY normal i promise you. i absolutely LOVE it...
wow i didn't realise there were so many girls who do it. im 15 and ive been doing it since i was about 13 and i always feel a-mazing when i do it but afterwards ive been feeling the same thoughts. im so glad i read all these comments! maybe ill go do it now!
im 14 and i do it. If it feels good just do it. you'll probably get stressed and frustrated if you stop, plus most ppl do it.
you'd be surprised how many people masturbate, but they just dun talk about it :)
We all do it because we are teenagers experimenting! I do it and sometimes feel guilty but wat evs, who's to judge?
Trust me, you're not the only one... some people start when they're 9 and only 2 weeks ago my friend told me that she masturbates. We're 17 so it does take some time for people to admit that.
I do it all of the time. i wish i was old enough for a sex toy. im 15. i started when i was about 13. each time i do it i want more and more. ive never had sex with a person and before i read all of these comments i thought i was alone. it feels REALLY good but im not a slut.
its normal, i have been doing it since i was little. i dont get the thing about the shower head. how does that work? i also dont know what orgasm is, i dont think i have ever had one.
I started doing it when I was 10 and I am 19 now... I love doing it. I still do and yes the shower head is amazing and the toothbrush or if your parents have like a massager that makes you orgasm.
i do it. i didnt tell anybody. IT feels so good. i do a lot but lately i do it here and there. ITS TOTALLY NORMAL
I started masturbating when I was only 12. im glad to know I'm not the only one
I've been doing it since I was 13. You're fine.
im 14, a girl, and guess what, a newly diagnosed sex addict. im serious. its not fun yet it is. i watch porn for several hours a day. and masturbate for over 4. you may think your abnormal but seriously, youre REALLY not the only one. just talk to your friends about it. talk to your boyfriend, anyone who you really trust, cause if it gets out of hand you'll end up like me.
I do it all the time every day, every night, it feels so good! just remember when you do it wash your hands with soap before you touch stuff!!
Im 12 and I do it.
Its totally normal. im a dude and im 13. i started at 11.
I masturbate like almost every day and I have for like ever! I remember being like 8 and finding some dirty magazines in my dad's closet, and being curious and looking to see if my... equipment... looked the way it was supposed to. Then like a year ago I started like really masturbating and I discovered porn and clearing internet history, lol, so sometimes I do that. But mostly I just use my fingers or the handle of my hairbrush.
Im 13 and i just started to masturbate. i know how u feel cause i feel the same way but i still do it. i just do it when everyone is asleep in my home.
I've been doing it since I was 8! And I'm 13 now!!!
I began between 7-8 yrs old. 25 now. First time was after I saw naughty playing cards my dads bowling team was using. It's a healthy activity when done in moderation.

i know. i used to feel like the only 13 year old tht would masturbate. i would sometimes feel ashamed of myself and say why are you doing this, its not normal for someone your age to be doing this. but then i would say what the hell, who cares, it feels sooo good. it does relieve stress and i do it all the time.

i am still 13 but for the person who said they use the handle on their hair brush rock on! cuz i do that all the time. so never feel like youre alone because we are all girls/women. its natural and we are strong.

i think its amazing to have a website like this to tell people its ok and it has a place for other people to say oh yeah i do that to! so you will never be alone. when i read these comments it gives me a different point of view and i have a better picture of this.

we are all unique in our own way girl so embrace it and keep on doing what youre doing. onward and upward as i always say. the world is full of many wonderful and amazing things and masturbating is one of them so rock on girl and take care.

i lovee it i watch porn im13 and a girl ;}
i stole my moms vibrator... :) im 12 and i do it like once a week, sometimes more. that comment about the mom walking in on the 10 year old... eeeewwwwwwww. i dont even know why thats so gross to me... just... ew.
It's a healthy and normal thing and you shouldn't be ashamed about it. I used to be until I realised that it was my body and my choice. Plus it is way more common than you think in girls. So go ahead and don't feel bad. :)
Enjoy, it gets better as time goes by. And yes, everyone does it. Enjoy it alone, with a gf, bf, or so.
I'm 12 and I tried but I don't feel any pleasure.
I'm 12 and I do...
I started masturbating when I was 12. now I'm almost 14 and still do. At first, it didn't feel good at all - I felt absolutely nothing. But now I know just what to do! There's many benefits of masturbation. I say go enjoy yourself. (:
I started when I was 10. now I'm 13. I usually rub my clit. In the shower.
Don't worry, I do it too XD I usually shove my hairbrush handle...
I started when I was 10. I'm 13 now. It's so great reading these comments. I always thought I was a kind of freak, but now I see I'm not. I usually finger the bit above my clit and I think I've had an orgasm, not sure. It feels so weird typing this but I just have to get it out of my system.
Well, Ive been masturbating since I was... I think I was 5! XD I dont know exactly so, youre normal all the way!!!
I just turned 15 and I do it like twice a week. It makes me feel so good. it's natural so I don't care. :) x
Totally agree!!!! But yea I'm really worried someone will walk in on me one day even tho I always do it in my bed at night :L
I have masturbated since I was 10. I know most of my friends do (I've caught them a few times) And it's completely natural. Just enjoy it :D
I used to feel like the only one but it feels so good. then reading everyone comments I knew I wasn't alone and felt better :)
Girl dont worry. I'm 16 and I've been doing it since I was like 8 or 9. it's normal and I do it once a week and I feel the same way. Don't worry, a lot of girls do it - youre not the only one. Rubbing your clit feels great or vibrator. experiment and see what u like. Youre young, enjoy it. And don't feel weird about it
I'm 12. And I do it every day even when I have my period. It's normal.
Its just fun ;) im 14 ive been doing it since i was 8-9
umm okay........ just masturbate
I'm 15 and just 2 years a go I realised what I was doing. Ive been doing it since I was 4... My mom has caught me countless times throughout the years. It's so embarrassing! One time I confronted her when I was like 13 or 14 about her vibrating fake dong and then she was all like "want me to tell everybody about your rubbing?" and I was so embarrassed!! Ive tried to stop but I can't. I don't do the porn thing or shove foreign objects up my vag though - I think that's just kinda gross, lol, if masturbating isn't gross enough. So awkward. Glad I'm not the only one though! Btw I'm a virgin.

I was curious so after looking it up on the internet I thought I would give it a go. Yes I felt soo guilty through it but damn its good ;-) ur not the only one though I don't think I would ever be able to talk to anyone about it x

I feel so guilty about it. I did it for the first time a couple of nights ago and I thought I was the only one, or too young for that matter. Turns out not. I'm sooo glad I'm not the only 13 yr old. However I wouldn't be able to talk about it to anyone I knew. Plus I still feel extremely guilty now.

Watching kissing scenes in films arouse me even if im still 14. I did masturbation and it makes me feel relieved after doing it. Youre not alone girl.

Its really relaxing and reduces stress. Freaking love it.

Don't worry, it's a natural part of life.

damn nice going girl u get em

It's ok

it soooo good


I feel always so guilty after and I don't want to talk to anyone about it.

I'm 13 and I do it too

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