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My first kiss

I was 14 years old when I had my first kiss. It's a nite I will never forget. I had a few friends over and we decided to go for a walk. There was this one guy who basically everyone liked. I had liked him for awhile and he kept dropping hints on me and trying to kiss me but I was too scared that my friend would get mad at me because she liked him too. We were on the rail road tracks at night time. I was really scared so I kept having him carry me and hold me. We finally got off the rail road tracks and decided to sit down for awhile. He seperated from the group and I ran over to ask him what he was doing. He answered by saying "let's look for hobos!". And I was like "let's not". And he said "don't worry I'll protect you". So I held his hand and we went for a walk. He was standing underneath a tree when I heard a noise. I immediately leapt in to his arms. We were standing there with him hugging me and I looked up at him and he put his lips on mine and then - totally embarrasing myself - I said "I don't know how to do this" and he said "put your lips like this then began to kiss me". I didnt know what to do with my tounge so I spelled my name! It worked for me. Then we came back to the group and my best friend pulled me aside and said she was happy for me. It didn't bother her that he kissed me even though she liked him she said that me and him make a better couple anyway.

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SOOOOO sweet
spell ur name haha! thats a good one
that is SO adorable! I wish my first kiss was so special
lol thats funny! bravo
Never say u don't know how!
go u i hope mines as good as urs sounds lol
thats great, but how did you know you were ready? i mean like for your frist kiss
cool mate that guy sounds sweet (bet he tasted that too!! lol ;))
im gonna spell my name 4 my 1st one too lol good idea !! :)
your 14 and your looking for hobos? NOT COOL
i like the idea of spelling ur name... im 19 and thats something im gonna try... hehe
sounds pretty sweet indeed. too bad you ruined it by saying i dont know how!!!!!!!!! but that adds to the cuteness! luvin it mate see ya later....peace....xoxoxoxox
arrrrrrrrrr so sweet
Aw Cute! x0x0x
omg how cuuuuuuuutttttte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope you have fun!!!
thats soo sweet wow name spelling im gunna try that 1!!!!
so you kissed a hobo
omg that is so adorable aye... he's gotta be the sweetest guy in the world rite after mine lol, what a cute first time bub take care of that boy
Awwwwwwwww!! How cute~!!!! ^.^ Hope my 1st kiss'll be like that (something along those lines).
u spelled ur name?!?! i've never tried that. hm...
aww that is sooo romanticccc... wow i hope my first kiss is gunna be that sweet. i'm gunna use ur technique as well. dang ur creative LOLSSS. i wud probably do the same thing as u, gurl. i dunno how to kiss too hahahah.
i'll try that tonight
i think this story was the cutest story of all. do you have another 1?
wow your so lucky
hey i wish that was happen to
hahaha spell ur name i like it! awww sounds cute wish that could happen 4 me 2
nawww thats so cute lol....
wata nice guy
awww yur guyz wel sweet lucki yuu!! xx
im soooo gonna try that! but not with the "lets look for hobos" bit. that is the coolest story on this whole website. i thought you would have more comments than u hav. that is totally sweet. i wish i could actually say i dont no how. im hopeless. im a total goober. im hopeless at admitting i cant do sumthin. im too proud.
Aww thats sweeet. My first kiss was so stupid. :@
This sounds soo romantic!! But how does the spellling ur name thing work??
that was an awesome story. good luck.
Awh. Thats the sweetest. Youre totally lucky; the best kiss story ive heard.
that is so sweet...i am always so jealous of people whose first kiss is like that...i can only hope that mine will be good :]
aww thats reallly cute!!! And Im going to borrow your technique ;D
thats sooo cute
Awwww!!!!! I'm getting my first kiss on Monday after spring break! I was supposed to do it on Friday.... It was cute cuz we were watching a movie and holding hands and he said do u want to kiss me or wait a while.....I got scared and said umm idk but I'm gunna do it fer sure on Monday!!!! I'm scared!!!! but I love him!!!
HAHAHAHA "looking for hobos". epic fail but cute i guess. I haven't tried the spelling your name thing yet hmmm ideas ideas ;) $10 my gf will ask me wtf i'm doing hehe. glad it worked out for you though.
i really want my first kiss! that was really cute. i might try spelling my name on my first kiss.
That is so cute my heart literally MELTED nawwz!!! Freggin lucky oneee!! And yeh he's a boy aye "let's look for hobo's" lmfao I wasn't surprised .. The part where u said u didn't kno and he told u how was soooo cute! Didn't wreck it at all :) n the tongue name thing was hilarious hahaha well cya. ur story made my dayy! ;)
awwwwwwwwwwwww that is so cute. i will so use ur technique on my first kiss.
ahww thats so cute. gonna try that 1 for sure. girl your story is so sweet. wish a guy would ask me to go for a walk, so romantic, and hold hands. awhh i wish i had a bf or a special boy. best kissing story.
CUTE!!!! nawwwww
so sweet ^^
cuuuuutttteee!! awwww! (:
Soo cute. I wish my bf was like urs. my bf doesn't give a rats ass about me and yeah good luck!!!
awwww thats so cute. i hope my first kiss will be so romantic.
That's adorable!!! My first kiss was with my bf, and my friend that was hanging out with us one saturday dared us to kiss in the middle of the street...we did. im still with him years later! i want to try the name thing ^-^ super cute!!! -xxx
aww. mine was at camp last year on my birthday. the guy i liked told me to meet him in the laundry room that day. i went down and talked for a while, both a little shy. and then i asked him what he wanted to do, and he kissed me! we made out until a guy friend of ours walked in to put his clothes in the dryer. he knew what we were doing but it was still perfect.
aaaw! So sweet! :) I'm 14 and I haven't had my first kiss yet! D:
wow! thats so sweet!!!!!i love the part when you spelled your name! LOL
Cooleo im glad thats how it went
My first kiss went a little like this. It was my junior prom [I'm a junior right now lol] and we left a bit early so he could drop me off at my house but he drove over to the park near my house and he played I won't give up on us by Jason Mraz and he asked to dance. We started to slow dance and we talked a little. Then because it was his first kiss too, we were both really shy and he asked if he could kiss me. I said yes. And on the count of three, we kissed.
My first was with this guy I had really loved for a long time but i didnt know he felt the same way. his best friend and my best friend actually set us up and on the second day we were dating he lead me behind the skool and i was super curious. i was just standing and leaning against the wall with him hugging me and we were just talking when he looked at me and then kissed me. i was really surprised and shocked and i gasped and we ended up making out. we are still together and he always teases me ^-^
That's so sweet
So freaken adorable!
Thats so cute. my first was bad. it was an awkward peck on the lips n my guy said it was cute but i was majorly embarrassed :P
i am so jealous!!!! u have a great friend - don't lose her!! :D
aww thats sweet

how do you guys do it to have such a romantic first kiss story? mine was when i was 14 with a 17 years old guy who i met on a halloween party. not even 5 minutes after meeting him we were already making out. i never saw him again or heard his name. i dont even regret it because he was like very hot

I hope my first kiss will be as sweet :) cute story.

I also hope that my first kiss will be as cute as yours. I am still waiting for it to happen, but I know it will :-)

my first was in 2nd grade when my reading buddy kissed me then ran away

ahhhhh cute


Awwwww so cute

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