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Why do some girls quiff (pussy fart) while having intercourse?


I was wondering, why do some girls quiff (pussy fart) while having intercourse? And how come it happens? And what can you do to make it stop? Or for it not to happen...!!!!!


Hi, and thanks for your question. Basically, what goes in, must come out!

A quiff or queef happens when air is pushed into the vagina during vaginal sex (vaginal intercourse). It has to come out somehow, and may make a bit of a noise as it does. But there's no bad smell to it like there can be for ordinary farts.

Quiffs seem to happen more in some sexual positions than others (e.g. doggie style or legs up in the air) because the vagina opens out more and "sucks in" more air. Also, if the guy is going in and out a lot with his penis in the vagina, that pushes air in.

The best advice I can give you is don't worry about it. Laugh it off. It probably happens to every woman at some time. Most guys say it doesn't bother them and can even feel good. Sex can be a funny, squelchy thing, so don't be embarrassed if it happens to you. Just remember the importance of having sex safely, protected from STIs and unplanned pregnancy. All the best.

Last modified: 20th March 2012
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