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What happens when you pop your cherry?

Hi, i was wondering what happens when you pop your cherry, and what you should do when it comes out.

Hi and thanks for your question.

"Popping your cherry" is slang for losing your virginity. It's about the "popping" of the hymen, which is a thin layer of skin that covers the entrance to the vagina.

If you have your period and you use tampons, or if you are into things like gymnastics, dancing or horse riding, chances are that your hymen is already "popped" (stretched or torn).

A hymen (cherry) doesn't really come out, or get popped like a balloon. It's just that it can be stretched or torn when you first have vaginal sex. This can cause a small amount of bleeding and maybe a little pain but that's normal and nothing to worry about. This doesn't happen for everyone though—girls have different experiences if and when they have vaginal sex for the first time (lose their virginity).

You only lose your virginity once, and sex is best when you're in a loving and trusting relationship. You should never feel pressured into having sex. If you do decide to have sex with a guy, remember to protect yourself from STIs and unplanned pregnancy by making your partner use a condom every time.

Hope this helps. Have a look at the link below for more good information about virginity and hymens.

Last modified: 19th March 2013
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