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Why do i have 2 holes??? And why didn't i get my cherry popped???


Ok so i'm 14 and i decided to lose my v-card to my boyfriend last night, so we did it and it was no big deal. I mean i felt it go in and move but no pleasure and no pain just nothing. So i faked it as best i could. He has told me he had sex once before me so he kinda new what he was doing.

Anyway i came to the conclusion that i would check out what was going on with my vagina so i got myself wet and inserted my fingers. I felt them but i didn't feel pain nor pleasure so i felt around and realised i have 2  holes in my vagina. By 2 holes i mean if i inserted my fingers to the left it goes in but to the right it's a completely different hole—it's the same, only separated by a thin bit on "skin" all the way through.

What does that mean? I know that it can't be my hymen b'coz it only covers the entrance to the hole but this skin goes deep. What is it? I'm worried. Why do i have 2 holes??? And why didn't i get my cherry popped??? Please help, i'm really scared.


Hi there, it's good to ask questions when something is bothering you.

It could be you have something called a septate hymen. When a baby girl's bits are developing when she is in the womb, sometimes a little error is made and the vagina gets a couple of openings instead of 1. This is called a septate hymen—when the hymen develops extra tissue in the middle to make 2 small vaginal openings instead of 1. It is fairly rare but it does happen.

Often no-one notices a septate hymen until the young woman wants to use tampons or become sexually active or has a good look down there. Sometimes the extra skin causes pain or bleeding by getting torn during sex. A doctor can usually fix this quite easily with a minor surgical procedure. However, without seeing your vagina, I can't say for sure if what you are describing is normal skin tissue or something that needs to be seen by a doctor.

I know seeing a doctor for an examination "down there" can sound so embarrassing but it's just part of a doctor's job. Could you tell your mum that you have noticed something odd and would like it checked it out? You could see your local GP or sexual health clinic for a check-up for your own peace of mind. Some clinics, such as sexual health and youth health centres, do not need a Medicare card. You can also talk to the doctor or nurse about practicing safer sex and preventing unplanned pregnancy.

I have included some links below for more information about female anatomy and about where you can go for help. Don't be embarrassed about going to a doctor. At many places you can ask to see a female doctor, if you like.

You are learning about your body and looking after your health. It's good for all women to know about their bodies and their genitals. You are old enough to go to the doctor on your own, and almost old enough to have your own Medicare card (at 15). You can consent (agree) to being examined as long as the doctor thinks you understand it all. You can take your mum or a friend along for support if you like.

Look after yourself in all these ways.

Last modified: 20th March 2012
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