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Masturbation for girls

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     Is it okay to masturbate?

    Yes, it’s okay to masturbate.

    Masturbation is about giving yourself sexual pleasure, often through touching your body.

    Masturbation is normal and healthy and is meant to feel good. It can help you relieve sexual urges without the risks of pregnancy or infections. Through masturbating you can learn more about your own body, your sexual responses and about what kinds of sexual touch feels good and what kinds don’t.

    20 questions about masturbation in 60 seconds (from Planned Parenthood):

    Some cultures don’t approve of masturbation and some religious beliefs consider it a sin, but masturbation can be a perfectly normal sexual activity. It’s okay not to masturbate if you don't feel comfortable about doing it. But as long as you are in a safe and private place, aren’t doing it to shock or offend someone else and don’t feel guilty about it, there is no harm in doing it.

    Read more myths and facts about masturbation on Planned Parenthood and on Get the Facts.

     Do all girls masturbate?

    No, not all girls masturbate but most do.

    Some girls only masturbate occasionally or not at all, while others do it regularly – all of these are normal.

     How do you masturbate?

    There are lots of different ways to masturbate and feel sexual pleasure. Some girls enjoy touching their clitoris, while others like touching their labia and vagina. Some girls masturbate by squeezing their thighs together, while others like rubbing their vulva against something or using a vibrator. Scarleteen lists some different ways girls masturbate. Sexual pleasure for girls doesn’t have to involve something going in their vagina.

    It may take time to figure out what works for you, and it's okay to experiment with different methods.

    There’s no wrong way to masturbate as long as it feels good and doesn’t hurt anyone else. If you are going to masturbate, make sure you’re in a safe and private place, such as in your bedroom, or in the bathroom with the door locked.

     How do you get an orgasm from masturbating?

    Being physically and mentally relaxed is almost always necessary for an orgasm to happen. This could mean making sure the environment you are in is safe, and knowing you won’t be interrupted. It could also mean relaxing your mind so you’re not thinking or worrying too much about trying to have an orgasm!

    Most importantly, you need to physically be doing the things during masturbation that are likely to give you an orgasm. Many girls simply don't know what will make them reach orgasm – it can take time to learn about how your body works sexually. Try different types of touch, pressure, speed and parts of your body. See what you enjoy and what makes the nice feelings more intense. Read more about sexual response and orgasm on Scarleteen, and about how to orgasm on

     Can you lose your virginity if you masturbate?

    Many people agree that a person is a virgin if they have not had sex with another person. So no, masturbation (‘sex with yourself’) doesn’t make you lose your virginity.

    Often people believe that when a girl’s hymen is ‘broken’ she has lost her virginity. The problem with this belief is that hymens can stretch or tear from sports such as horse riding and gymnastics, from using tampons, and from masturbating by putting something inside your vagina. So having an intact hymen isn't an accurate way of telling whether a girl is a virgin or not. Find out more about hymens and virginity on Scarleteen.

     Can you get pregnant from masturbating?

    Unless sperm gets inside your vagina, no you can't get pregnant. However, if you have sperm on your hands and then masturbate with your hands, there is a slight chance of pregnancy. Find out more about how to prevent pregnancy and what to do if you might be pregnant.

     Can you get addicted to masturbating?

    Some girls masturbate more than once a day, while others masturbate only once or twice a year or not at all. How often you masturbate can change over time. Masturbating 1, 2 or 10 times a day is healthy, as long as it feels good and you still have a normal life (eat, sleep, go to school, see friends, etc.).

    If you find you can't say no to yourself when you feel the urge to masturbate, and masturbate at inconvenient times or places, such as at school or instead of seeing friends, you may have an addiction or compulsive behaviour. If that's what is happening for you, chat to a counsellor experienced in compulsive behaviours. But don't feel ashamed about it – sexual compulsions are usually about something deeper, and a professional will help you work this out.

     Can you get an infection from masturbating?

    Masturbation is one of the safest sexual activities. There is no risk of infection as long as you don't use any unclean objects. Some girls insert something into their vagina for sexual pleasure during masturbation, such as a vibrator. This is fine as long as the object is clean and doesn't have any sharp edges, which could cause damage to the delicate skin of the vagina or vulva.

    If you use your fingers to masturbate, make sure you wash your hands first and keep your nails short and smooth so you don’t scratch yourself.

     Can anyone tell if you masturbate?

    No, no one can tell if you have masturbated unless they see you doing it or you actually tell them.

     If you're in a relationship should you stop masturbating?

    No, you don’t have to stop masturbating if you’re in a relationship.

    Girls who don't have a sexual partner masturbate, and so do girls who do have a partner. The sensations from self-masturbation can be different and unique compared to masturbating with or having sex with a partner. Many girls enjoy doing both!

    All people feel sexual urges and sexual tension sometimes. Masturbation is a great way to relieve those feelings without getting a sexually transmissible infection (STI) or an unwanted pregnancy. Masturbation is also a way to learn about your body and give yourself risk-free pleasure with someone you love: you!

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